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The name says it all… hornymatches

I thought it was a joke at first. In fact, one of my buddies mentioned it jokingly a few months back. While back at home, I remember the name hornymatches and thought might be a good place for me to check out. I went there and I have to say the site is no joke. There is some serious seduction going on here and it never gets boring. I like it.

My first visit left me with a funny story to tell. My friends had just left after a big football night at my place and they had made another joke about the site. I took a look at it after my place was all cleaned up and after poking around for a few minutes, I submitted my credit card and the rest was history. I decided against doing a trial so I can’t tell you how their trial process works. Anyways, after my first log in, I started talking to this girl named Cassie. It just so happens that Cassie lived about 10 miles away and we really hit it off. We realized that we both loved bungee jumping, fishing, and going to the shooting range. Even if she would have turned out to be ugly, we would have continued a relationship on a platonic level. As it turns out, she was gorgeous. At first she had sent me pictures and then later on we got into videos. We started chatting and things started getting serious right away. We had already gone on our first date by the 10th day we were chatting. After dating a few weeks, we came to a sudden realization… she grew up a couple blocks away from me growing up and about 5 years before joining hornymatches I would of known Cassie as Kevin. That’s right, she was a transsexual. She was post-op but I just couldn’t be with her out of principle. While we have stopped dating, we are still great friends.

Since Cassie (aka Kevin), I have met about 7 different girls that I am still seriously chatting with. Each time I meet someone new, I get a little better at the game. I feel like I’m really learning how to get from the initial contact to the first date faster and faster. This excites me because I think soon I will have about 10-15 girls in the rotation and hopefully half of them will be local. This means I can have a girl almost every night of the week and have girls to chat with online when I get home. The internet is such a great place. Some people may think this is too much, but I am putting myself out there and getting to know how girls work. I don’t have to deal with the rejection in person and I don’t have to waste time trying to pick up girls at the supermarket.

I have to say that hornymatches has helped me with my confidence in general. I get real responses and I’ve noticed that I can move things along much quicker online. I’ve met a couple girls that started video chatting within the first couple of nights. One girl took all of her clothes off the very first night and another got a little freaky by the second. If you would of asked me 10 years ago if I’d be meeting girls this hot, I would of said no way. I had always felt like I was a 5 or 6 ratings wise and that most girls wouldn’t be interested in me, but I’ve learned that a lot of the girls on the site are 8’s and 9.s which are interested in me.

While there are certainly some gross and ugly girls on the site, you can filter them out easily. I like that I can fill out my profile to make sure I don’t show up on the search queries of people I’m not interested in. This means that the less attractive girls aren’t sending me emails making things awkward. From a guy like me’s standpoint, this is great. I used to get emails on other sites that always made me feel bad.

I remember one time there was a girl named Bertha from Alabama and she was so excited to meet me that it broke my heart a little bit. The nice thing about hornymatches search function is that I don’t have to worry about this stuff anymore. I get emails now from only the girls that fit my criteria. While I don’t get that many emails, I know that when I do get one, it will be a good one. I definitely recommend this site to anyone and think you should check it out before seeing some of the others out there.